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AdPushup Java Developer Hiring Challenge

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Full Stack Challenge
Multiple Openings
2 years+
Best in industry
Interview prep
Prepare for your technical interviews by solving questions asked previously by top tech companies.

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AdPushup, a global market leader in the ad tech industry is looking to hire talented Sr. Full Stack Developers for their engineering team.  They offer a competitive salary, stellar growth opportunities and many other perks. AdPushup has certified a Great Place to Work, has a Glassdoor rating of 4.9, and is growing at a blitzkrieg pace.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Years of experience: 2+ years
  • Skills: Java

Challenge Format:

  • 10 MCQs
  • 1 Programming Question(Language Restriction: Java)
  • 1 SQL Question

Recruitment Process:

After getting shortlisted at HackerEarth, there will be a technical round of interviews for 2 hours with the tech team.



Java Developer
Experience: 2 years+
Compensation: Best in industry

What we're looking for

AdPushup is an award-winning ad revenue optimization platform and Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), helping hundreds of web publishers grow their revenue using cutting-edge technology, premium demand partnerships, and proven ad ops expertise. Our team is a mix of engineers, marketers, product evangelists, and customer success specialists, united by a common goal of helping publishers succeed. We have a work culture that values expertise, ownership, and a collaborative spirit.

Your Day-to-Day Tasks Include:

  • Works in requirements like Engineering, Design, Development, and Deployment.
  • All the tasks involves working with Java, SQL Server and Couchbase.
  • Build and monitor data pipelines that serve 100+ websites, 150M+ unique impressions daily.
  • Write code that can handle 4x more scale than the given requirement.
  • Maintain uptime of multiple distributed web applications.
  • Build data pipelines to pull data from upstream partners like Google.

You Should Have:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience with Java.
  • Minimum 2 year of experience with any SQL database (MySql, MSSql, Oracle, DB2, Sybase).
  • Minimum 2 years of experience with web development.
  • Experience with any NoSql database (MongoDb, Couchbase, CouchDb, DynamoDb).
  • Experience with any cloud platform (AWS/Azure/GCP).

Good To Have:

  • Experience with BI and data reporting.
  • Experience of designing/implementing/maintaining scalable systems.

Why Should You Work for AdPushup?

At AdPushup, we have

  • A culture of valuing our employees and promoting an autonomous, transparent, and ethical work environment.
  • Talented and supportive peers who value your contributions.
  • Challenging opportunities: learning happens outside the comfort-zone and that’s where our team likes to be - always pushing the boundaries and growing personally and professionally.
  • Flexibility to work from home: We believe in work & performance instead of measuring conventional benchmarks like work-hours.
  • Plenty of snacks and catered lunch.
  • An attractive and equitable package with ESOPs on the table.
  • Transparency: an open, honest and direct communication with co-workers and business associates.
Sr. Java Developer


Our Mission

To help keep the world’s information free and accessible, with the right team, the right product, and the right partners.

The Journey

Our Story

AdPushup was b...



  1. A problem statement will be provided in the challenge. You have to build a functional app. Based on the question, it could be a web app, mobile app, desktop app, or any o...



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