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Amazon is investing heavily in building a world class advertising businesses. Self-Service Performance Advertising (SSPA) Platform is a strategic business within Amazon with very high growth, providing self-service performance advertising products for small and mid-sized advertisers.

This team offers an opportunity to make a significant impact on the future vision for SSPA and Amazon. They are looking for a highly motivated, top notch engineers to revamp existing systems and build new ones from the ground up. A successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in at least some of the following areas: machine learning, model building and algorithm development, building and scaling very large data processing platforms using distributed computing technologies such as Map/Reduce, transactional systems and data persistence using RDBMS, algorithm development for efficient scheduling, sampling, queuing, classification, etc.

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Experience: 3-10 years
Compensation: Best In Industry
Job Location: Bangalore

The Billing, Promotions and Budget Management platform work to manage best of customer experience and maintain their trust while being transparent with their money and spends. One of the earliest teams to be established as advertising platform team, the billing team is supporting Amazon advertising business across 10+ countries.

Basic and Preferred Qualifications:

  • Bachelors or Master's degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • 3+ years’ experience in Software development.
  • Development experience in data structures, complex algorithms, OOP, Java, Linux, Perl, C++.
  • Proven results oriented person with a delivery focus.
  • Ability to work well with people and be both highly motivated and motivating.
  • Experience in development of distributed / scalable systems and high-volume transaction applications.
  • Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment.

As an experienced member of the team, in this role, you will:

  • Contribute to evolving the technical direction of Billing, Promotions and Budget management Platform and play a critical role its design and development.
  • Build and support billing pipeline responsible for handling all revenue impacting events in realtime.
  • You will research, design and code, troubleshoot and support. What you create is also what you own.
  • Have the satisfaction of seeing your work impacting multiple advertising business and help process and bring in multi-million transactions worth 100x in dollar value.
  • Be able to broaden your technical skills and work in an environment that thrives on creativity, efficient execution, and product innovation.


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