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Backend Developer Hiring Challenge

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Backend Challenge
Backend Developer
2-6 years
Best in Industry Compensation
Interview prep
Prepare for your technical interviews by solving questions asked previously by top tech companies.

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We, at Impact Analytics, are looking for a Software Engineer and Senior Software Engineer (Backend Developer; YOE: 2-6) to join us, to design and build the future of AI/ML-enabled enterprise SaaS software for retail and consumer companies. The challenge is designed to test you on key concepts and will mimic the type of challenges you will solve at Impact Analytics on a day-to-day basis.

Excel in this challenge and come one step closer to building a future-ready product with Impact Analytics.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Years of experience: 2-6 
    • Backend Developer
  • Skills:
    • Python
    • At least one of Django, Flask, or FastAPI

Challenge Format:

  • 2 Programming Questions to be solved in 2 hours

Post success completion of the Hackathon, the candidates will go through the following interview process (There are elimination rounds) -

  • Technical Round - Facilitated by one of our tenured technical experts, this round will test your coding skills and expertise in the technical topics. It will also test your logical ability and problem solving skills.
  • Management Round - Facilitated by one of our business leaders, this round will test your organizational fit, technical skills and ability to integrate into our organization
  • HR Round - Facilitated by one of the HR leaders, this round will have discussions on the long term fit and discussions on various HR related topics
  • Final Offer - Candidates clearing all the above rounds, will be made the final offer

Note: The organization may choose to add or skip rounds based on the candidates performance in hackathon/various rounds

Our Flagship products are Promosmart, AllocateSmart, AssortSmart and MarkSmart, all of them are related to Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning for the retail industry, where we design algorithms to help retailers either predict a discounted price or the product quantity, all of them aimed at maximizing profits.

Our Tech Stack is:

  • Front-End - Html, CSS, ReactJS
  • Back-End - Python 3.6+, Fast API
  • Database - Postgresql 12+
  • Cloud Deployment - GCP
  • CI / CD - Jenkins, Ansible

Repository - Bitbucket (Git)


Backend Developer
Experience: 2-6 years
Compensation: Best in Industry
Job Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Openings: 10

The impact that you will be making:
The role would require you to develop sophisticated products that add value to the client and result in new projects and revenue streams.

What lands you in this role:
• Proficiency in Python application development
• Proficiency in at least one of Django, Flask or FastAPI
• 2+ years of Python experience
• Familiarity with Object Relational Mapping libraries and ability to integrate with multiple data sources into one system
• Understanding of limitations of Python and Multi Process Architecture
• Understanding of Design Principles of Scalable Applications
• Good object-oriented design skills and knowledge of design patterns
• Knowledge of key-value stores, caching, search, messaging queues

What we offer:
• An opportunity to develop some of the best enterprise SaaS products to be built out of India
• Opportunities to quench your thirst for problem-solving, experimenting, learning, and implementing innovative solutions
• A flat, collegial work environment, with a work hard, play hard attitude
• A platform for rapid growth if you are willing to try new things without fear of failure.
• Remuneration with best in class industry standards with generous health insurance cover


Impact Analytics is a Series B funded, 360-degree AI-driven SaaS products company and one of the fastest-growing and highly recognized AI companies in the U.S. We are a pro...



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