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Coda Global Cloud Devops Hiring Challenge - Round 1

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Coda Global is a technology company helping customers adopt cloud, build cloud-native solutions, and accelerate business outcomes. We are growing our Cloud and DevOps engineering team within the Presidio Cloud Solutions Group. Our service offerings range from management and strategic consulting to technology implementation and through to enhancement/integration/support of the solutions we deliver.
As a Cloud Engineer, you will be empowered to make effective decisions, work collaboratively with our global team, take accountability for projects, and work on leading industry technology trends.

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about working on the cutting edge of Cloud and DevOps for our customers. If you are someone who has strong hands-on expertise in domains such as public cloud, container orchestration, and DevOps/DevSecOps, Coda is the right place for you!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 3+ years of experience
  • Hands-on Knowledge of Public Cloud, CI/CD, Containerization & Orchestration, and Configuration Management.

Challenge Format: This challenge has 2 rounds.

This is Round 1 and this round has:

  • 25 MCQs covering Amazon Web Services (AWS), DevOps, HashiCorp Terraform, Ansible, Containerization and Linux
  • Time limit: 45 minutes

If you score more than 60% on this round, you shall receive an automated email with the Round 2 challenge details. Please do check your email after the round 1 completion, and make sure to attend both rounds with the same email address.

Round 2 will have:

  • Hands-On assessment challenges in infrastructure, DevOps, configuration management, and scripting
  • Taking up at least one challenge is mandatory - But taking up more than one can get you more cloudy points in your AWSomeness.
  • You are required to read and understand the instructions specified on the round two challenge page 
  • Time limit: 4 hours

Take a look at what the Cloud team feels about working at Coda Global:



Cloud Engineer
Experience: 3-8 years
CTC: Best In Industry
Job Location: Offices in Chennai and Coimbatore but can be 100% remote for the right candidate
Openings: 8

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Strong working knowledge of one or more public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud
  • DevOps experience with CI/CD, developing deployment pipelines in Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipelines, GitLab CI, AWS CodeBuild/CodeDeploy/CodePipeline, Spinnaker, etc. is desired
  • Strong scripting knowledge is mandatory for this profile. You are comfortable with scripting in Shell, Python, Ruby, or any preferred scripting language
  • Hands-on experience with container orchestration tools/services such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, AWS ECS etc. is a big plus
  • Strong knowledge of one or more configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, etc.
  • Hands-On experience in infrastructure-as-code (IaC) with HashiCorp Terraform, AWS CloudFormation or Azure ARM templates or any other IaC tooling/framework
  • Strong working knowledge on Unix/Linux based systems with good understanding of distro-specific package management tools, file systems and other OS configuration parameters
  • Work with cross-functional teams such as application development, data engineering
  • Design, deploy and automate infrastructure deployments on various cloud platforms


Coda Global helps companies accelerate their cloud-native transformation. We solve complex business challenges to provide exceptional experiences for your customers. We acc...



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What type of questions will I have to solve in this challenge?

The questions in this challenge are of the following types:


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