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Data Story Telling

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Eli Lilly and Company strives to create informative and engaging online communities that share information in meaningful ways. We welcome and encourage your participation and engagement in thoughtful and respectful discourse. 

Data Story Telling - Apply data visualization and storytelling skills using D3JS. Use different graph types and help us understand the data story. This is meant to share your creations.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Years of experience: 0-10 years(2021 and below graduates)
  • Skills: Data Visualization, D3JS

Challenge Format:

  • 1 Frontend application building question

We will take each candidate through two rounds of interviews after being shortlisted from HackerEarth process


Visual Analytics Developer

Key responsibilities include:

  • Consult and elucidate work flows to map to visual analytics tools. 
  • Assist in and/or be accountable for selecting visualization methods for data analysis, authoring specifications for the visualization, and validating the work. 
  • Maintain proficiency with respect to relevant programming languages methodologies in data visualization. 
  • Effectively utilize interactive tools for quick visualization of data. 
  • Justify methods selected. 
  • Conduct peer-review of work products from colleagues. 
  • Communication and interpretation of data visualization results

Additional Information: 

  • Strong R and Shiny Proficiency
  • Proficient is D3JS.
  • Strong Commitment to the Principles of Good Software Design
  • Strong Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • Understanding of Good Data Visualization Design Principles
  • Strong Leadership Potential
  • Strong Commitment and Willingness to Learn


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