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Mercedes-Benz Data Engineer and Analyst for ADAS systems

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Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India – one of Daimler’s largest development centres outside of Germany, employing over 6000 skilled engineers aside from being an integral part of all business units and brands of Daimler worldwide, is looking for talented technical professionals with proven experience in developing Big data engineering and analytics solution (On-prem/ Cloud) for Automated Driving Domain

Mercedes Benz is now hiring a Data Engineer and Analyst for ADAS systems for their Bangalore base location.


  • Candidates with 2-10 years of experience.
  • Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

Challenge Format:

  • 2 backend task-based question
  • 20 MCQs


Data Engineer and Analyst for ADAS systems
Experience: 2-10 years
Compensation: As per market standards
Job Location: Bangalore


Mercedes Benz cars are equipped with Automated Driving systems and continuously new research and development is made in these areas to solve problems that arise out of the real world. During development phase, our cars are fitted with these intelligent systems and tested in different parts of the world. These vehicles at the end of their test drives will upload different sensor and vehicle data that are logged in binary formats (in TBs) into Big Data cluster.

We as a part of Data Analytics for Automated driving (DA4AD) team work focus of providing various Data engineering and Data Analytics solutions that would help different function owner to build insights and enhance the system

Skill Requirements

Essential Skills and experience:

  • Excellent Programming skills in Python with object oriented design
  • Strong programming skills with Pyspark, SparkSQL
  • Hands on experience in working with relational database like SQL, postgres database
  • Hands on experience on developing solutions on Big Data Clusters like MAPR Clusters or on cloud platform like Azure
  • Excellent logical, analytical and problem solving skills
  • Strong communication skills

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop and deploy scalable Data solution to cater to the end user needs
  • Develop and deploy various tools, framework, features based on the business need
  • Work on Cloud/MAPR based Hadoop systems and build various data pipeline, data algorithms and processing solutions and provide insights
  • Maintain clear and coherent communication, both verbal and written, to understand data needs and report results
  • Continuously Ideates and improvises on the requirements and apply new techniques and methods
  • Able to work in & contribute as a good team player


Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India (MBRDI), headquartered in Bengaluru was founded in 1996 as a captive unit to support Daimler’s research, IT and product develop...



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