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Mobisy Devops Engineer Hiring Challenge

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Congratulations to all the shortlisted participants.

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Mobisy is a high-growth, VC funded tech company that’s transforming the retail supply ecosystems in several markets including India, Africa, the Middle East and Europe through its product, Bizom. Mobisy is now looking for candidates who can join this fast-paced company as their DevOps Engineer!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 5+ Years as a DevOps Engineer

Challenge format: 

  • 1 Programming Question
  • 15 MCQ's


DevOps Engineer
Experience: 5 years+
CTC: 12 LPA - 20 LPA
Job Location: Bengaluru
Openings: 2

If you are enthusiastic and ecstatic about building, releasing, software configuration management and have a passion for scripting, this is just the position for you. Additionally, you will also be working directly with the Head of Engineering to implement strategies and solutions that would make Bizom pass stringent security tests and evaluations.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work closely with engineering professionals within the company to maintain software needed for projects in an efficient fashion
  • Work on projects that involve optimizing Bizom's underlying infrastructure and improving its performance.
  • Architect Bizom's server infrastructure to deliver the best performance and seamless scalability, while maintaining the highest levels of security which is a big priority when serving enterprises
  • Automate process activities, build pipelines, implement configuration management to reduce errors and improve productivity in compliance with the security requirements.
  • Deploy updates and fixes i.e, manage all aspects of release, deployments in Agile fashion
  • Implement integrations between internal Project Manager and DevOps tools as needed by the pipelines
  • End-to-end tuning needs, optimizing resource utilization, as per the load patterns
  • Ensuring that backup/restore and disaster recovery capabilities are implemented, tested and maintained
  • Document various processes; update existing processes
  • Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats


  • Minimum 5+ years of work experience working in a DevOps role
  • Past experience of working with cloud service provider AWS.
  • Working with CI/CD Tools Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline and source control such as GIT.
  • Containerization using Docker, Fargate, K8, Kubernetes, Grafana, Istio, Service mesh.
  • Infrastructure as code using Terraform.
  • Monitoring and log analysis using Open source tools.
  • Write scripts and automation using Perl/Python/Groovy/Java/Bash/Ansible/Chef
  • Configure and manage data stores like MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, Redshift, etc
  • Experience in securing/hardening server infrastructure of web and android applications
  • Hands-on experience of installing, configuring and working with firewalls
  • Good understanding of information security with experience of handling security audits


Mobisy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a high-growth, VC funded tech company that’s transforming the retail supply ecosystems in several markets including India, Africa, the Midd...



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