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NI Software Engineer Hiring Challenge

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Prepare for your technical interviews by solving questions asked previously by top tech companies.

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Are you ready for a career?

Looking for a work culture that values its employees, and provides a workplace where you can thrive and grow?

Do you want to learn in an award-winning work environment that fosters creativity and entrepreneurism so you can perform your best?

If these are traits you expect from your career, then NI would certainly exceed your expectations.

NI India R&D is looking for talented experienced software engineers for their team in Bangalore.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Years of experience: 2+ years
  • Skills: C++, C# & Python

Challenge Format:

  • 2 Programming Questions(Languages restriction: C#, C++ and Python)

Recruitment process:

  • After the shortlisting is done from HackerEarth’s team, there will two to three rounds to further evaluate the candidate's skills based on the requirements.

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Software Engineer
Experience: 2 years+

The Role

NI is seeking to hire Software Engineer for application software development. NI is translating industry megatrends and hype cycles such as IoT, digital transformation into pragmatic software solutions for engineering teams in the automotive industry. Our software accelerates time-to-knowledge and time-to-market by leveraging early prototyping using simulation combined with comprehensive data gather in real-live usage. The ideal candidate has experience and knowledge in application software development.

Core Responsibilities 

  • Research, propose, and implement high-quality, scalable, and testable designs that adhere to the company and industry best practices.
  • Work following an agile development process.
  • Diagnose and debug problems with your product or problems arising when your product integrates with other NI products.
  • Document and Review feature specifications and customer user documentation for the product.
  • Grow and share knowledge within your team and across other teams/sites.
  • Strive towards continuous improvement.

Key Performance Objectives

  • Quickly learn applicable technology, systems, and products.
  • Ability to independently identify and solve application-specific engineering problems.
  • Strong understanding and experience of software design principles.
  • Design and implement moderate complexity features to a high level of quality.
  • Effectively interact and communicate with engineering teams across geographies.

Qualifications and Skills

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree preferably in Computer Science/Electronics/Allied Streams.
  • Experience with application development involving C++ or C# (.NET Framework) or Python.
  • 2 - 5 years of industry experience with a demonstrated ability in problem-solving, effectively diagnosing technical issues, and proposing reasonable solutions.
  • Strong understanding and experience of OOPS concept, data structures and software design principles.
  • Analytical mindset and self-starter.
  • Strong problem-solving skills, work ethic, and drive to succeed.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Understanding of NI software tools (i.e. LabVIEW, VeriStand, DAQmx, etc).
  • Hands-on use of NI Hardware Platforms (CRIO, DAQ).
  • Basics of MATLAB programming and Simulink or other modelling languages used in HIL domain.
  • Understanding of Agile software development principles.


NI accelerates productivity, innovation, and discovery through an open, software-defined platform. This approach helps you develop and increase the performance of automated...



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