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Publicis Sapient Senior Associate-Angular Hiring Challenge

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Backend Challenge
Senior Associate - Angular
4-9 years
Best In Industry

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About Challenge

At Publicis Sapient, we believe that all the good things happen when great minds come together. And for 30 years, our secret to success has remained just that – through enabling our people to do the work that matters to them, we have been able to unleash an enduring culture of problem-solving creativity. We are on a mission to transform the world, and you will be instrumental in shaping how we do it.

Participate in our hiring challenge, create lasting Impact!

If you are someone who is passionate about designing robust solutions that help organizations stay relevant in our evolving digital world – we can’t wait for you to join us!

At Publicis Sapient, our eXperience Technology teams have always been at the forefront of innovation, while leveraging their collective problem-solving creativity to design, architect, and develop high-end technology solutions that solve our clients’ most complex and challenging problems across diverse industries.

Register below if you have 4-9 years of experience in React/HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and can join us at Pune/Hyderabad/Bangalore/Gurugram/Vijaywada/Nagpur

Eligibility: Anybody with 4-9 years of experience can participate in our hiring challenge. 

Challenge Format: One File Upload based question. 


Senior Associate - Angular
Experience: 4-9 years
Compensation: Best in industry
Job Location: Pune/Hyderabad/Bangalore/Gurugram/Vijaywada/Nagpur


Senior Associate, Experience Technology


As a Senior Associate, Experience Technology, you will play a key role in delivering stable, enterprise-level software to our clients. You will be an individual contributor who is able to work independently to convert rich interactive designs to web applications that conform to our standards and best practices. The Senior Associate will provide guidance to junior team members and will potentially lead a team of 3-5 people, delivering an entire track of work.


  • Work with project management to accurately estimate and scope out projects
  • Work with information architecture and design teams during planning and production phases
  • Ensure cross-device and cross-platform compatibility
  • Converse with back-end teams to create optimum integration solutions
  • Write code based on functional specifications
  • Optimize development for user experience
  • Comment code and produce documentation to industry standards
  • Produce code to the highest standards while adhering to industry accepted architecture and design pattern techniques and methodologies (e.g., MVC, SOA, OOP, DI etc.)


  • 4-9 years experience
  • Excellent knowledge of hand-coded HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Hands-on experience working with Object Oriented JavaScript (OOJS), JavaScript libraries and their practical uses in building complex interactive experiences
  • Knowledge of common JavaScript design patterns
  • Hands-on experience with ECMAScript 2015+ and should be up-to-date with new specifications (different stages). Also, using transpilers like Babel to use features from all stages
  • Understanding of React.js, its core principles - lifecycle methods, virtual DOM etc. and at least 6 – 12 months hands-on experience with the same
  • Understanding of one-way data flow and the Flux architecture.
  • Understanding of stateful (container) vs stateless (presentational) components and how to break down the application into components
  • Core understanding of how React’s state management works out of the box. Understanding of different libraries available to better manage application state like Redux/MobX. Difference in the way each library works (pure functions vs observables etc.) and the workflows as well as best practices
  • Different middleware implementations available for async actions in Redux like redux-thunk, redux-saga, redux-observable etc. Hands-on experience with at least one
  • Understanding of different CSS architectures that go hand-in-hand with React.js application development. Pros and cons of component-level CSS vs global and where to apply each
  • Thorough understanding of Webpack bundler (version 2+). Experience with configuring Webpack from scratch is a plus
  • Hands-on experience with test-driven development using Jest or equivalent. Familiar with snapshot testing, code coverage. Experience working with utilities like Enzyme
  • Understanding of universal rendering with React.js. Hands-on experience with different out of the box implementations or custom implementation is a plus


As a digital business transformation partner of choice, we’ve spent nearly three decades utilizing the disruptive power of technology and ingenuity to help digitally enable...



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