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Rebel Foods Backend Software Engineer Hiring Challenge

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Rebel Foods (formerly known as Faasos)  is looking for talented Backend software engineers to join their team in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

And it's okay if your real motivation is delicious free meals. Some of the best things that come with being part of Rebel Foods, in addition to Free Food Binges in the name of “Internal Trials” are  Impact, Growth, and Fun.

So, Join the World's Largest Internet Restaurant Company in their journey of creating unique, memorable, delightful, and sure experiences across all food missions every time!!

Challenge Format -

  • 2 Basic Programming Question with language restriction to Python, Java and Node.js

Recruitment Process:

  • Interview 1 - Technical Interview 1
  • Interview 2 - Technical Interview 2
  • Interview 3 - Cultural Interview (HR)

Tech Superstars @Rebel Foods:

We have built a solid Tech and Data team, spanning across full-stack software, front-end app development, data science, product development, material science, mechatronics, industrial innovation design, robotics, and automation, who relentlessly work with our culinary innovation team to bring our vision to life. We have been able to attract talent from some of the best design and technology schools in the country and from companies such as Amazon and Apple. But we are just getting started. And this is why, we require more “Tech Superstars” to join the Rebel team — across disciplines. We think we are working right at the cutting edge of technology in a very very important industry, that has not changed for about 500 years. We can guarantee that you would be working on an absolutely magical frontier of technology that integrates hardware and software in a way a Tesla does or an iPhone does.

What are we looking for? In addition to subject matter expertise, you will have a passion for product development, creative thinking, the ability and willingness to reimagine “business as usual”, ability to build and solve problems of a scalable and distributed platform, and you will move fast while keeping a laser-like focus on the customer. 

Read more to understand our Tech journey -


Backend Software Engineers (II, III, IV) @ REBEL FOODS
Experience: 2-8 years
Compensation: INR 8.0L - INR 25.0L

We are surrounded by the world's leading consumer companies led by technology - Amazon for retail, Airbnb for hospitality, Uber for mobility, Netflix and Spotify for entertainment, etc. Food & Beverage is the only consumer sector where large players are still traditional restaurant companies. At Rebel Foods, we are challenging this status quo as we are building the world's most valuable restaurant company on the internet, superfast.

The opportunity for us is immense due to the exponential growth in the food delivery business worldwide which has helped us build 'The World's Largest Internet Restaurant Company' in the last few years. Rebel Foods current presence in 7 countries (India, Indonesia, UAE, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh) with 15 + brands and 3500+ internet restaurants have been built on a simple system - The Rebel Operating Model.

While for us it is still Day 1, we know we are in the middle of a revolution towards creating never seen before customer-first experiences. We bring you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to disrupt the 500-year-old industry with technology at its core.

We urge you to refer to the below to understand how we are changing the restaurant industry before applying at Rebel Foods. b88586223ebe cb5b0cea4dc8

Software Engineering @ Rebel

Software Engineering @ Rebel comprises most of the components of a customer-centric internet Commerce company and problem statements of scalable and distributed systems. We believe in applying Engineering excellence and operational excellence in all the areas of computing, storage, network to build & operate efficient systems. While we work on open-source, cloud-managed and enterprise tech stacks in Frontend (web/mobile), Backend (API layers), Caching, Async Processing/Queuing, Databases (SQL, NoSQL), ERP, CRM, Analytics, Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB etc), Data Science (ML) etc, we also work/evaluate on many emerging tech stacks like NLP, AI/IOT, Robotics + Automations, Bots, Voice, Vision computing, Blockchain etc to solve many use cases around different verticals of FoodTech. The teams have built more than 30 different systems in-house to tackle the massive complexity of a multibrand operation while keeping business metrics supremely efficient and optimized.

Future of Software Engineering @ Rebel

Rebel engineering function is working on Software + Robotics + Automation to solve the toughest problems in an integrated fashion for our customers and to make their food experiences unique, memorable and delightful & sure. We believe in the continuous adoption of emerging technologies to solve customer problems in fast and innovative fashion. Technology and data are the backbones for us to disrupt this industry and build the most loved experiences for customers.

The Role

We are in the lookout for someone who is passionate about technology to solve known/unknown business & customer use cases.

In this role, you will be responsible to write efficient code & unit tests, review code, evaluate technologies, do POCs etc. You must be highly proficient in backend programming and fundamentals - Node.js/Java/ Python/ROR/PHP etc, Relevant Frameworks.

We expect you to be excellent in writing efficient programs and problem-solving skills. You must also possess good knowledge on data structure and algorithms and computer science fundamentals.

Exposure to common technologies like web technologies, caching, queuing, databases (SQL), Bigdata, Storage systems, monitoring tools, cloud technologies etc is also helpful.

You will work closely with the Product and Engineering teams and will report to the Engineering Manager.

The Rebel Culture

We believe in empowering and growing people to perform the best at their job functions. We follow outcome-oriented, fail-fast iterative & collaborative culture to move fast in building tech solutions. Rebel is not a usual workplace. The following slides will give you a sense of our culture, how Rebel conducts itself and who will be the best fit for our company. We suggest you go through it before making up your mind.


About Us

World's leading consumer companies are all technology / new age companies - Amazon (retail), Airbnb (Hospitality), Uber (mobility), Netflix / Spotify (Entertainmen...



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